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Integrity Line supports companies, public institutions and organizations in introducing and operating suitable internal reporting mechanisms. Besides offering various reporting systems Integrity Line gives specific advice in the selection and communication of a system and the handling of incoming reports.


The Integrity Message Service enables a dialogue between the reporting person and the company officer in charge of handling the incoming message. If desired, the reporting person remains anonymous. This reporting system can be operated in any language and is worldwide accessible 24/7/365 and free of charge for the reporting person.


The Integrity Platform is an internal system for online reporting of wrongdoing and misconduct. The highly secure web-based platform enables reports in any language, 24/7/365 and from any location worldwide, if desired also anonymously.



Integrity Line attorneys are personally available by email or phone as first point of contact for reports on wrongdoing and misconduct. They carry out first investigations and serve as mediation authority between the reporting person and the company. Reports are handled confidentially and are subject to the attorney-client privilege.


Integrity Line draws from long-standing experience in the area of compliance and reporting systems. Our experts offer advice on the integration and communication of internal reporting systems as well as clarifications on data protection law associated with them.



The Integrity Platform is a highly secure web-based solution for internal reporting of wrongdoing and misconduct. The Platform enables reports in any language, 24/7/365 and from any location worldwide. Communication with the reporter is possible even with anonymous reports.
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Made in Switzerland
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About Integrity Line

Integrity Line has more than six years of experience and expertise in the implementation of reporting systems in more than 152 countries and 42 languages.


The company, based in Zurich was founded by Dr Zora Ledergerber in 2009 and is specialised in the introduction and operation of secure internal reporting systems for reports on wrongdoing and misconduct. Integrity Line supports companies, public institutions and organizations  in introducing and operating suitable internal reporting mechanisms. All Integrity Line systems meet the highest safety standards and fulfill the global data protection standard requirements. Besides offering secure reporting systems it is the objective of Integrity Line to satisfy the individual expectations of our clients and give comprehensive advice on all questions regarding internal reporting of misconduct. All incoming data is stored on the secure Integrity Line servers in Switzerland.


Integrity Line has relevant experience in rolling out reporting systems worldwide while taking into account the various national data protection rules such as country-specific restrictions with respect to anonymous reporting as well as allowed content of reports. On request, Integrity Line offers detailed data protection clarifications in cooperation with international law firms.

The Integrity Line reporting system enables data protection compliant editing and administering of incoming messages. The system is so flexible that the case managing process and the individual permissions of the users can be adapted according to country. For specific countries adapted modules for information, authorization and approval procedures can be activated.

Customer data is stored on the secure servers of Integrity Line, which are exclusively located in Switzerland.

Several IT audit departments of Integrity Line customers as well as auditing companies have checked the Integrity Line Systems with penetration tests. The system has passed these tests successfully. The high data encryption guarantees a state-of-the-art security standard.

The Integrity Platform is programmed according to the highest possible standard in the area of encryption technology. In order to ensure the confidentiality of the reports all sensitive information is encrypted. This makes unauthorized inspection through third and the server administrator impossible.

The encryption criteria follow a strict "need-to-know" principle. Users without permission on a case are not granted cryptographic access to this case. Therefore, among other features, this guarantees the confidentiality of the saved reports at any time.


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